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We put the craft in craft beer.


Phantom Horse Brewing Company

Not just another micro-brewery.

As you drink our handcrafted beer, know that it is brewed with attention to detail and the best possible ingredients. Please feel free to come visit us at the brewery when visiting Pie Slingers Pizza. We look forward to giving you a quick tour and sharing our beers with you.


No egos here.
We just love to make beer.

beer for the people


Blood, sweat & hops

The Brewer

Our mission is to bring the American craft beer experience directly to the local community while consistently innovating with new and exciting styles to stimulate your palate. Our beers are defined by balance and brewed in our own “top secret” method.



I was born in Chattanooga July 13 1983. I began developing a love for craft beer at 21 as I had a friend who worked at a beverage store/ brew shop. They had the build your own six pack option and I went in at least once a week and built a six pack of different styles of craft beer. I was intrigued by all the different flavor profiles and how one could be sweet and another one bitter and one be chocolatey and another be like a sweet tart. It amazed me that you could make all these different styles and flavors with just four basic ingredients. I started reading about brewing.
I got a home brew kit for my 22nd birthday and brewed my first batch of beer the next day. It was an Irish Red Ale. I was so excited to try it and couldn’t wait for fermentation and bottle conditioning to be done so I could enjoy it. I was hooked after that. I brewed on and off by myself and with friends until July of 2015 when I discovered that the owner of one of my accounts from work was a brewer and could brew really well.
I talked to his wife and told her that I loved craft beer and brewing and that if they ever wanted to start brewing and selling in their restaurant to let me know and I would love to be involved in some way. I got a text a few days later and we had a meeting that weekend. We decided that day to go for it and Phantom Horse Brewing was born. Skip and I brewed our first batch of beer together on July 10th 2015.


From easy to hoppy, we’ve got a beer for you.


The beer

Styles & Flavors

What do we brew? It’s a combo of what we like, but we also listen to our loyal customers. Some of our styles are light with subtle notes, while others are more full and bold. Whatever the occasion. Try our beer. We’ve got you covered.


Working Girl Blonde Ale

Our gateway craft beer. A Light bodied, full flavored American blonde ale. With notes of bread and caramel, this brew has a slight citrus finish.


Working Girl Blonde Ale

Our gateway craft beer. A Light bodied, full flavored American blonde ale. With notes of bread and caramel, this brew has a slight citrus finish.


Ole Green Eyes IPA

This is no Hop-Bomb. It’s our less edgy interpretation of a west coast IPA. Brewed with five hop varieties. Clean, dry and southern-smooth with a hint of grapefruit.



At 9.5 ABV, this bad boy is loaded for bear. A malty backbone balances out a blend of five hop varieties. Floral notes with hints of orange and caramel. Be prepared to call a cab. Try it Half-Cocked! Blend with out Working Girl Blonde Ale.


We’re small, but mighty.

We put out a lot of beer from a tiny brewery.


Northwest Georgia’s First Brewery

From basement brewing to a real deal brewery.

After much trial and error, graduating from beer “hobbist”, months of pounding the pavement, and a grueling 9-month permit/licensing phase…we opened for business on June 13th, 2016.



The owners of Phantom Horse Brewing in Rock Spring are busy whipping up batches of homemade beer in preparation for the business's big opening day, Monday, June 13.


Pie Slingers Pizzeria in Rock Spring has trotted out a first for Walker County, its very own craft brewery.

The name Phantom Horse Brewing Company is derived from the Chickamauga Battlefield Park and most of its crafted brews are named after ghost legends from that historic Civil War battle.